#KafkaProject at Loftas 2015 by Dmitrijus Monastyreckis

Loftas’15 and the last #KafkaProject

#Loftas2015 by Dominyka Gucevičiūtė


Supynes 2015: the start of light installations

Loftas2014-Dominyka-Guceviciute (8)

Loftas’14, LT – urban #Kafkas

An urban music and arts festival Loftas’14, just in the city centre of Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, got a little spirit of wilderness.            …

#KafkaProject Satta 2013 by Justas Bo


Satta’14, LV and the start of #KafkaProject

Out of the sweet summer chill (slash boredom) and accustomed need for summer excitement Justas Bø and Vilius Visockas collaborated with London based designer Wintercorft to make free art…